Adding Webhooks, or similar, support to DPM

Project name

Adding Webhooks, or similar, support to DPM

Project description

Cloud storages - as Dropbox and Google Drive - implement an API that allows an authorized party to be notified via callbacks - Webhooks in Dropbox and Push Notifications in Google Drive - when some event occurs in the storage. For instance, when a file is uploaded, modified or destroyed.
The objective for this project is to study and implement a similar mechanism for DPM, so external software components can get notified about changes with no need for polling.
If time allows it, a simple proof-of-concept client could be provided (e.g, an web board or mail notifications)

Required skills

C++, Linux, Web and HTTP

Learning experience

With this project the student will be exposed to a wide range of technologies: from insight about the DPM inners, up to web technologies. The student will also gain experience in system integration, designing which blocks to use and how do they fit each other in order to reach the final goal.

Project duration

3 moths

Project area

Data Management

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