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Distributed storage systems for big data

The group maintains a framework called dmlite which is used to integrate various types of storage with different protocol frontends. It is the basis of a number of the group’s products such as the Disk Pool Manager (DPM), a grid storage system which holds over 50PB of storage in the ...

3 to 9 months depending on the selected task Submitted
Performance optimization in a High Throughput Computing environment

Profiling of computing resources respect to WLCG experiment workloads is a crucial factor to select the most effective resources and to be able to optimise their usage.
There is a rich amount of data collected by the CERN and WLCG monitoring infrastructures just waiting to be turned into useful ...

6 to 12 months Submitted
Cloud data analysis

Cloud synchronization and sharing is a promising area for the preparation of powerful transformative data services. 

The goal of this project is to prepare CERNBOX to be used in connection with heavy-duty activities (large-scale batch processing) on the current LXBATCH infrastructure (LSF) and on its future evolution (HT-Condor): physicists can ...

6-12 months Submitted
Dynamic storage federations

The group runs a project whose goal is the dynamic federation of

  • HTTP based storage systems, allowing a set of globally distributed resources to be integrated and appear via a single entry point. The task is to work on the development of this project (“dynafed”), implementing functional and performance extensions,
  • ...
From 3 to 9 months depending on a selected task Submitted
File Transfer Service (FTS) extensions

The File Transfer Service (FTS) manages the global distribution
of LHC data, moving multiple petabytes per month during a run and underpinning the whole data lifecycle. Join the FTS team in their development of this critical service. Possible projects include

  • authorised proxy sharing: allowing a production service to delegate
  • ...
From 3 months, depending on task selected Submitted
QA in distributed cloud architecture: evolution of smashbox framework

Cloud synchronization and sharing is an area in evolution with innovative services being built on top of different platforms. CERNBOX is a service ran at CERN to provide at the same time synchronisation services (based on the OwnCloud software) and high-performance data access and sharing (based on EOS, the CERN ...

3-12 months depending on the agreed scope Submitted
QA in distributed cloud architecture: injection-fault testing

Clients of the sync&share system (CERNBOX) are particularly exposed to "operational failures" due to heterogeneity of hardware, OS and network environments. 

Sync&share system operates in very heterogenous network environment: from fast, reliable network inside the computing center to unreliable, high-latency ad-hoc connections such as from air-ports etc. 
Windows filesystems ...

6 months Submitted
Advanced Notifications for WAN Incidents

One of the main challenges in WLCG WAN networking is the network diagnostics and advanced notifications on the issues seen in the network. LHCOPN/LHCONE as the core global networks in WLCG have more than 5000 active links between 120 sites. Currently, most of the issues are only visible by the applications ...

12 months Submitted
e-learning - video production and Academic Training video archive promotion

The Academic Training (AT) video archive in CDS contains a wealth of knowledge that we could promote in youtube as part of CERN's mission around Education.

The plan, agreed with the CERN Academic Training Committee (ATC), CERN Communications experts and the IT/CDA management, is to make our corpus of recorded ...

6 months Maria Dimou Submitted
Optimisation of experiment workflows in the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid

The LHC experiments perform the vast majority of the data processing and analysis on the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), which provides a globally distributed infrastructure with more than 500k cores to analyse the tens of PB of data collected each year. Profiling of the computing infrastructure with respect to the ...

3 to 6 months Submitted
e-learning - IT Collaboration, Devices & Applications - document with the user in mind

The CERN IT Collaboration, Devices & Applications (CDA) group in general and the Integrated Collaboration (IC) section host services used widely at CERN and beyond. Examples from IC:

  • Conference room equipment, configuration, documentation and support
  • audiovisual services' support (webcast and recording)
  • video conferencing (vidyo service)
  • email service management
  • ...
6 months Jan-June 2017 - 1 day/week, often from home Maria Dimou Submitted
Analysis of the I/O performance of LHC computing jobs at the CERN computing centre

The LHC experiments execute a significant fraction of their data reconstruction, simulation and analysis on the CERN computing batch resources. One of the most important features of these data processing jobs is their I/O pattern in accessing the local storage system, EOS, which is based on the xrootd protocol. In ...

3 to 6 months Submitted
Network Cost Matrix

One of the common use cases reported by the experiments is enabling network-aware tools, this is mainly driven by the need to optimize transfers and/or experiment workflows. This involves providing a uniform way to access and integrate existing measurements and the ability to define a so called “distance” metric between ...

12 months Ongoing

This project aims to help IT service managers and experiment experts to record mini-videos explaining their services to the users. To do this, a desktop camera and/or the CERN IT recording service will be used. The student's tasks are to:

  1. Evaluate and compare various screen capture technical solutions and document their

  2. ...
6 months - March-August 2016 Accomplished
Creation and implementation of a generic authorization schema for web based Site Status Board application


The Experiment Dashboard provides a wide range of applications for monitoring of the LHC computing activities on the WLCG infrastructure. Certain policies define privileges for data access, recording and modifications. The goal of the project is to improve the authentication and authorisation system for the Experiment Dashboard Applications.

4 months Accomplished
Monitoring data transfers and access activities in WLCG with Hadoop, Spark and the Lambda architecture.

Monitoring the WLCG infrastructure requires to gather and to analyze high volume of heterogeneous data (e.g. data transfers, job monitoring, site tests) coming from different services and experiment-specific frameworks to provide a uniform and flexible interface for scientists and sites. The current architecture, where relational database systems are used

1.5 years Accomplished
Cyber security for the Experiment Dashboard Framework

The Experiment Dashboard provides a wide range of applications for monitoring of the LHC computing activities on the WLCG infrastructure. Certain policies define privileges for data access, recording and modifications. The goal of the project is to improve the authentication and authorisation system for the Experiment Dashboard Applications.


4 months Accomplished
e-learning - short online tutorials - help to content owners

The first 6 months of the CERN IT rapid e-learning project identified tools for recording short online videos that promote a tool, a site or a service.
In this phase, we accompanied the "content owners" in the preparation of their material, rehearsals and recording of their short online tutorials. ...

The full month in October 2016 - unpaid internship Maria Dimou Accomplished
Docker and containers for volunteer computing

Study the LHC@home volunteer cloud computing platform and investigate whether applications currently running on Linux virtual machines on volunteer hosts could run in a Docker environment.  Evaluate the Boinc2docker environment on Github for HEP applications. If applicable, port an LHC@home application to run in a Docker environment under ...

3 months Nils Høimyr Accomplished

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