The CERN volunteer computing platform

Project name

The CERN volunteer computing platform

Project description

CERN-IT is developing a volunteer computing solution intended to be a common platform for the LHC experiments’ activities in this area and which should help to maximise the number of cycles they can acquire. The task is to accompany this project through its initial prototyping, work on all problems discovered and help to guide it to the level of maturity required for production. A major component of the system is based on the storage federation technology of the group (“dynafed”) which mediates data transfer between the trusted grid infrastructure and the untrusted volunteer domain.

Required skills

Some experience with C++/Linux, Virtualisation technology, HTTP would be an advantage

Learning experience

The project will give a chance to work on enabling a potentially large computing resource for the LHC experiments, and will give

Project duration

3 months

Project area

Data Management

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