Cloud data analysis

Project name

Cloud data analysis

Project description

Cloud synchronization and sharing is a promising area for the preparation of powerful transformative data services. 

The goal of this project is to prepare CERNBOX to be used in connection with heavy-duty activities (large-scale batch processing) on the current LXBATCH infrastructure (LSF) and on its future evolution (HT-Condor): physicists can enable their data to move across their private workstations (like a private laptop) while the bulk of the data is directly accessed from the EOS infrastructure. At the same time, users can control the progress of their activity via mobile clients (as a smartphone) via optimised client applications or via standard browsers.
The student will participate to the preparation and validation of these use cases. The student will participate to the deployment of the necessary infrastructure (EOS Fuse access from interactive and batch services), support the alpha users (physicists) and extend the current testing and validation system to these new use cases and to new platforms (acceptance tests – in connection with other sites running CERNBOX and monitoring – using the CERN monitoring infrastructure).

An additional use case is the enabling of data viewers (ROOT tuple) in connection with the SFT team to allow seamless access to summary data (like histograms) from the CERNBOX portal directly.

Required skills

The technical competencies required are the knowledge of the PHP or the Python languages. Knowledge of JavaScript and of tools like Dropbox, OwnCloud and Unison would be an important asset.

Learning experience

Exposure to innovative techniques in cloud data analysis

Project duration

6-12 months

Project area

Data Management

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