Docker and containers for volunteer computing

Project name

Evaluation of the possible use of Docker containers under BOINC

Project description

Study the LHC@home volunteer cloud computing platform and investigate whether applications currently running on Linux virtual machines on volunteer hosts could run in a Docker environment.  Evaluate the Boinc2docker environment on Github for HEP applications. If applicable, port an LHC@home application to run in a Docker environment under BOINC.

The ATLAS simulation application was successfully ported to run in a Docker environment under BOINC, with a performance gain compared to a VM in Virtual Box under Linux. The project was a successfull proof of concept and a nice piece of work done by the student. However, more work in this area is required to reach a production level state for containers under BOINC.

Required skills

C++, Python, Linux OS

Learning experience

Volunteer computing, BOINC, virtualisation, container technology

Project duration

3 months

Project area

Monitoring of the distributed infrastructure

Contact for further details

Nils Høimyr


CERN group



Student Information
Student name: 
Benoist Wolleb
CERN supervisor: 
Laurence Field
Thesis type: 
Project started: 
01 Mar 2016
Project finished: 
31 Jul 2016
Defence date: 
05 Sep 2016
Defence status: 

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