e-learning - video production and Academic Training video archive promotion

Project name

Academic Training video archive promotion

Project description

The Academic Training (AT) video archive in CDS contains a wealth of knowledge that we could promote in youtube as part of CERN's mission around Education. To prepare:

  1. Check other such sites on the web, e.g. NASA, Fermilab, Argonne, ESA, EPFL, UniGe, google, etc - also some sites of famous art institutions - and write down what we can learn from the best ones. This is now done, see HERE. The CERN communications team will make a few seconds' teaser to place at the entry of the future youtube channel. It can be inspired by TEDx talks' introduction, where keywords are flying around in music to introduce the topic.
  2. CERN Academic Training Committee members and lecture series' sponsors to select 'best-of' past series in CDS, classify them per discipline domain and equip them with keywords that will help web searched in the future.
  3. Prepare the script (in CERN IT CDA-IC section) that will merge the channels (slides mostly with temporary intersection of the lecturer's face) in order for the existing CDS records to be uploadable to youtube. In the IT e-learning project we documented the tool to use for that (ffmpeg). This is not there yet, in Audiovisual infrastructure.
  4. Make CDS video playlists per domain so they can be fed into youtube as such. This is not there yet, in CDS functionality but planned for the next release, later in 2017.
  5. Propose content for these corporate slides (with help by the CERN designer).
  6. Use an automated tool to wrap existing CDS video records in 'corporate' slides (start/end). This will be available by the Audiovisual infrastructure in the autumn 2017.
  7. Publish existing CDS records from the AT lectures' category in a new, dedicated CERN AcademicTraining (final name to be decided) youtube channel, inspired from relevant examples of other organisations, as concluded in point 1 above.
  8. Participate in the making of a short (1 minute) clip, by the CERN studio experts, that announces the series to attract audience interest.
  9. Document patterns that can lead to a process automation for future publishing of other CDS educational collections.

Project initiator/coordinator: Maria Dimou / Academic Training Committee chairperson and IT e-learning project leader.

Information on the collaborating unit within Geneva University:


Director: Mireille Bétrancourt
Professor: DanieK. Schneider
This activity is related to master programme MALTT http://tecfa.unige.ch/maltt

Required skills

Good video and text editing. Modern education and documentation management knowledge.

Learning experience

This project requires both pedagogical and technical skills. The student will work as an editor and advisor, with the CERN Communications' team and the the Academic Training sponsors, to emphasise the interesting points, while respecting the historical content. Then he will need technical skills to do the video editing. Experience from interactions with users and educational material content owners, as well as the documentation and presentation of the results will be gained. Formal notification techniques of the conclusions drawn from data patterns observed in the video parametres of our archived AT lectures.

Project duration

6 months

Project area


Contact for further details

Maria Dimou


A COAS request in this index page with request date 07/11/2016.

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Student Information
Student name: 
Alex Manzoni
Université de Genève - unité Technologies de formation et d'apprentissage
CERN supervisor: 
Maria Dimou
Thesis type: 
Project started: 
10 Apr 2017

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