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Project name

Organisation & Documentation of workflows and (often more than one) services involved

Project description

The CERN IT Collaboration, Devices & Applications (CDA) group in general and the Integrated Collaboration (IC) section host services used widely at CERN and beyond. Examples from IC:

  • Conference room equipment, configuration, documentation and support
  • audiovisual services' support (webcast and recording)
  • video conferencing (vidyo service)
  • email service management and support
  • IP telephony (e.g. skype for business)
  • Login accounts, the CERN Single Sign-On (SSO) service, Authentication/Authorisation/Digital Certificates

In this project, we wish to understand the best way to document and promote these services with the user in mind, i.e. not considering service organisational, administrative or technical boundaries.

After getting the service managers' input, navigating through existing leaflets or web documentation and identifying out-of-date or obsolete parts in it, we shall come up with a proposal on:

  1. a user-friendly information organisation, based on user stories, rather than services.
  2. suggestions of quick How-Tos as the users would expect them, rather than sequencially describing each service or groups of services. The purpose here is to make our services more understandable and accessible.
  3. tips for best promoting existing documentation.
  4. a recommendation on how to best get feedback from users on our services or on the documentation itself...

There is already a wealth of information being assembled in  a group internal page to facilitate the investigation and enhance the student's technical experience.


Required skills

Understanding Information Organisation, Usability and Processes. Good notion of A to Z service workflows.

Learning experience

The variety of the services, their wide use and legacy documentation, or absence of it, offer opportunities to an external evaluator, to come up with technical views based on functionality, especially he/she has a special interest in Information Sciences and Documentation.

Project duration

6 months 2 days/week, often from home

Project area


Contact for further details

Maria Dimou


The group: http://information-technology.web.cern.ch/about/organisation/collaboration-devices-applications

The work-in-progress pages: https://twiki.cern.ch/CDAgroup/CDAPublicDoc and https://twiki.cern.ch/CDAgroup/CDAPublicDocTemplate

Related project: https://twiki.cern.ch/ELearning

Collaborating institute: https://www.hesge.ch/heg/en/core-programmes/bachelors-science/information-studies

and/or http://tecfalabs.unige.ch/maltt/master/qui-sommes-nous/

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Maria Dimou

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Project started 01 Nov 2017
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