e-learning - short online tutorials - help to content owners

Project name

Understanding of the best content organisation to convey educational material to users via a short online video

Project description

The first 6 months of the CERN IT rapid e-learning project identified tools for recording short online videos that promote a tool, a site or a service.
In this phase, we accompanied the "content owners" in the preparation of their material, rehearsals and recording of their short online tutorials.

Using video editing skills, we give a CERN IT corporate packaging to the videos, recommend animated content or not, save content owner's time as far as the video editing tasks is concerned, thus reducing the number of rehearsals.

Having started the round of user feedback collection a new Use Cases' list is being built based on users' feedback and comments.

Required skills

Experience in learning and teaching technologies best suited to promote scientific information.
Video editing skills.

Learning experience

The student, preparing a Master's degree in Learning and Teaching technologies at the http://tecfalabs.unige.ch/maltt/ recorded:

- 2 videos about the recommended tools for recording from the desk.

- 2 videos documenting IT/CDA service tools (content by the service manager).

- 4 videos teaching ALICE experiment particle searches (content by the experiment expert).

- 2 videos instructing CMS guides on safety in the tunnel (content by the experiment Glimos).

These were very different use cases and required different recording methods and a lot of video editing.
The student, also, helped with the Service Now managers' survey to identify user priorities when it comes to 'visual documentation', i.e. short online tutorials.

Project duration

The full month in October 2016 - unpaid internship

Project area


Contact for further details

Maria Dimou


Original project description http://it-student-projects.web.cern.ch/projects/e-learning-modules

Documentation entry point https://twiki.cern.ch/ELearning

Dedicated CDS collection https://cds.cern.ch/collection/E-learning%20modules?ln=en

User feedback collection twiki https://twiki.cern.ch/ELearning/UsersFeedback

The student's Master's programme http://tecfalabs.unige.ch/maltt/

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Accomplished Submitted by Maria Dimou on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 12:19.
Student info
Student name

Pedro Augusto de Freitas Batista


University of Geneva - TECFA

CERN supervisor

Maria Dimou

Thesis type
Project started 03 Oct 2016
Project finished 28 Oct 2016
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not scheduled yet