Malt-related project: CDA Jekyll site finalisation

Project name

Malt-related project: CDA Jekyll site finalisation

Project description

Prélude project

1-13 July 2019:

The new telephony project replaces analog telephones and the Microsoft Skype for business. The task is to:

Test the new fixed and mobile telephony client and write End User and Admin documentation in Markdown (use MkDocs). Draft documentation site under development is

Supervision by Thomas Baron <>. Technical project management by Rene Fernandez Sanchez <>

Accomplished. Result HERE.

Main project

15 July to 23 August 2019:

Site is useful as the Usability tests showed. A summer student could finalise it by:

  1. Replace the bubbles of page by another view, equally attractive but showing properly on mobile devices. Candidate layout to be discussed here (draft & incomplete). Done on 2019/08/12. See new
  2. Follow the instructions in the gitlab README file for this site to enhance the User Stories of the site homepage.
  3. Port the powershell based script that updates people section members (e.g. the names one sees on  to a non-MS scripting language to run on Linux.

Accomplished. Result HERE and old service page HERE. Final report in CDS HERE.

Required skills

Programming in javascript. Writing in Markdown. Publishing via gitlab. Some notions of web design. Communication skills for consulting the CDA service managers.

Learning experience

IT CDA runs many highly visible and popular services on multiple platforms. The student will acquire knowledge of effectively coordinating, implementing, presenting and promoting these services in a modern and functional web site.

Project duration

8 weeks

Project area

Data Management Learning

Contact for further details

Maria Dimou


Submitted on 2019/02/13 via official Summer Students' request page

Final report on Accomplishement in CDS


CERN group



Accomplished Submitted by Maria Dimou on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 14:04.
Student info
Student name

Timon Viola


Technical University of Denmark

CERN supervisor

Maria Dimou

Thesis type
Project started 01 Jul 2019
Project finished 23 Aug 2019
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